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"Well done, my good and faithful servant..." Matthew 25:23

All Too Often, our law enforcement officers and firefighters lose their connections to faith and family. Many times due to the dark and negative interactions they face while in the performance of their duties everyday of their lives. Their eyes have witnessed the abuse of children, family violence, and the tragic toll of neighborhood deaths, which may sometimes include one of their own. The "Shields of Christ" are law enforcement officers and firefighters uniting and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ among our brothers and sisters in the public safety community, and the community they serve daily, by providing specially formed retreats known as A.C.T.S. an acronym for Adoration, Community, Theology, and Service. "Shields of Christ" is a call to our law enforcement and firefighting communities to strengthen their faith and the manifestation of that faith, which will direct and protect them through their career and their personal life. The Shields of Christ - ACTS Retreat will provide opportunities to grow spiritually and renew a sense of purpose for what God has planned in our lives.


"Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God." Matthew 5:9

"The Lord has done great things for us." Psalms 126:3

The Shields of Christ are committed to continue to offer more Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters the opportunities to gain an understanding of God's Unending Love and true calling for their lives. Organized in 2005, the Shields of Christ has had over 500 participants from various agencies/departments from all over the state of Texas. Through the continual growth of the ministry, there are now two retreats a year for men and one retreat per year for women. The need is apparent and the continued commitment to share God's love with one another is the primary goal for the future. All law enforcement officers and fire fighters should have an opportunity to experience this retreat with their peers.


“Go Therefore, and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:19

The shields of Christ Ministry was formed in 2005, and continues to serve Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and Paramedics. The ministry is comprised of fellow brothers and sisters, currently serving and retired from law enforcement, firefighting, and municipal paramedics, who facilitate a unique weekend spiritual retreat. The Shields of Christ Retreats begin on a Thursday evening and last until Sunday morning ending with a special return Mass at the parish of the current director with a reception after the mass. The retreat integrates the spiritual retreat experience of A.C.T.S., which encompasses the tenements of Adoration, Community, Theology, and Service. The weekend provides an opportunity to grow spiritually with God and fellowship with each other. This retreat is a call to all public servants to strengthen their faith and experience the true unending unconditional love of God, which will guide and assist them throughout their career and personal lives. The retreat will provide each participant an opportunity to grow spiritually and provide a renewed sense of purpose in God’s plan for them. Fellow officers and firefighters both current and retired will facilitate the retreat under the guidance of a Spiritual Director.


Men's Retreat Directors   

2005    - Ino Badillo

2006    - Manuel Ibarra

2007    - Gilbert De La Portilla

2008    - Jose Trevino

2009    - Miguel De Los Santos

2010    - Frank Medina

2011    - Robert Paniagua

2012    - Paul Cardenas

2013A - Gilbert Perez

2013B - Tony Saucedo

2014A - Eddie Ramirez

2014B - Robert Vargas

2015A - Rick Alarcon

2015B - Alfred Hollenbeck

2016A - Paul Villarreal

2016B - Ed Mata

2017A - Patrick Murnin

2017B - Oscar Martinez

2018A - Eddie Puente

2018B - Jerry Delgado

2019A - Rick Ruiz

2019B - Art Hernandez

2021   - Ervey Banda

2022   - Lee Valadez

2023   - Jerry Cantu

2024   - Samuel Sedillo

TBA    - Ernest Christilles

TBA    - George Correa

Women's Retreat Directors       

2008 - Yvonne Villarreal – Vann

2009 - Betty Cordona

2010 - Christina Guerra

2011 - Yvonne Garcia

2012 - Marjorie Altman

2013 - Irene Murnin

2014 - Sylivia Espinoza

2015 - Florence Casas

2016 - Pat Nava

2017 - Jo Ann Smith

2018 - Gloria Belcher

2019 - Bertha Soto

2021 - Talisha Hollenbeck

2023 - Vicky Smith

2024 - Monica Torres

2025 - Marisela Montoya

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